Nunnie's Story, part 3
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At 09:31 AM 2/9/98 -0500, you wrote:

My Dear Pam,

I'm so happy for you . finally you have done the perfect thing and are getting the treatment you so richly deserve. I thought when I wrote the 2nd email that I had offended you but it was such a relief to get you recent post. Yes, I would like it if you could put me on your mailing list but I would requst it not be placed anywhere that those damn spammers can get ahold of it. so go ahead.

The second thing is I would like to place summary of your progress on the page I made to honour my wife. There are an awful lot of people out here who are praying for you and they want to know what is happening..I would format it and all that...give it a title and make reference to it...I will not change any of your words but might do the paragraphing alittle different. To save your arms and hands from unnecessary pain just email me back and say permission granted and I will know what you mean if that is the case...If I don't hear I'll know what you mean also.

so have a good day my dear and keep the faith ..You shall overcome this little trial God has given you.

>Doug Large

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Oh Doug, What a wonderful, wonderful thing for you to offer to do. By all means feel free to put anything you like on there. You may even change my wording if you wish. I'm just so touched that I am crying. I mean... to put me on the page to honor your wife... I mean... I don't know what to say. I'm extremely honored to say the least. Oh my gosh. That is so very, very thoughtful of you. If your wife was half as thoughtful and caring as you are I can certainly see why you loved her so much. I've never experienced a love like that before, but I keep hoping that someday I will. You wife was a VERY lucky woman indeed.

When I send out my updates I use the Blind Copy option on my E:Mail. I didn't used to do that, however one of my friends suggested that I use it. I now do it all the time. That way, others can not see others addresses. I never felt that I needed to do that before, but you never know. My list of people to update keeps growing daily it seems.

As all females experience I'm sure, when you first get on the internet you fun into all kinds of terrible men out there. I guess it is natural to get on the chat channels when you are new to this. I did and it was not a pleasant experience. After a few months I stopped going to the chat channels and started concentrating on other things like surfing the net and creating my web page. This has brought me satisfaction as well as many, many new and wonderful caring friends. Most of them are women, but I have 2 other males friends out there as well. One is 18 and I have no idea how old the other one is. It is truly a blessing to know that "all" men on the internet are not pervs. :)

Thank you once again for all that you have done and all that you are doing. If you would like, I could send you all that has happened to me from the beginning. To be honest with you, I don't remember if I sent you the whole story or not. It is pretty long. Hum... now I feel really dumb. I can't believe that I don't remember if I sent it to you. Hehehehe. Oh well... I guess my mind is on so many other things. So, if I haven't sent it to you, and you would like to have it to place on the page, I'll be glad to send it to you. I hope to have good news soon. I know it would make me very happy, but I'm sure all of my friends would be just as happy. :)

God Bless You, Doug.


At 04:14 PM 2/11/98 -0500, you wrote:

>check it out. There will be an icon on the index page I made for you and I got both ends of article finished and formatted ..Go to my page Sunday and hope you like it..also put sosme midi on it..looking forward to hearing from youwith good news.

Doug Large

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Hi Doug,

Thank you very much. I will check it out on Sunday FOR SURE. :)

Well, today I found a bunch more lumps. They are now starting on my stomach on both sides. Less on the right though. They have not met in the middle yet, but I figure it will only be a matter of time.

I received a message from Dr. Baird, the Dermatologist that presented me before the board. I wasn't at my desk and she is supposed to be calling me back tomorrow afternoon. I can hardly wait to hear from her. I hope and pray that she has some good news.

I go see the new doctor on Monday, February 23 (I think). I will then find out the results of all the blood tests he took. I'm so hoping that it will just be a simple thing that my body is perhaps lacking and once they find out what it is, I'll just have to take a pill everyday and I'll be all better. I doubt it will be that simple. I'm kinda guessing that if they do find the cause is a lack of something in my body, just taking a pill will not make the lumps that are already here go away. I may end up having a few taken out here and there, every couple months or so until they are all gone. I know that I have no desire to have them ALL taken out at once. Man... that would take absolutely hours. Ugh... Hehehehe.

Well, I best go and see what else I have to answer. I got off of work 3 hours ago and after working only 4 hours and reading E:Mail and answering short easy ones for 3 hours, I'm just totally exhausted. I also think that I'm starting to get a little depressed over all of this too and that is not helping my energy level at all. I've been so positive for so darn long, that it kinda surprises me that I'm starting to get a little down. But... I'll just keep thinking of all the wonderful gifts that others, like you, have given me and I'll shall bounce right back, I'm sure. :)

Thank you again for everything. I told my Gma about you and your wife last night when we were over there. I then told her the wonderful things you have done and are doing for me and she started crying. She was so touched by what you are doing that she told me to thank you for her. So... Thank You Doug, from my Grandma. :)

All my Best,


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